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BCS Book #214-980X

The Panther Story: the Story of Phelon & Moore Ltd

New revised paperback edition. The complete history of Panther motorcycles, their manufacture, exploits, and achievements. Written by Barry Jones, the authority on the history of Panther motorcycles, this book is full of new information, photos and illustrations. The authoritative history of the marque. BCS Book #214-980X.

Phelon & Moore Ltd were one of the earliest and most successful of the pioneers of motorcycling. They outlasted many more famous names and the factory did not finally cease motorcycle production until 1966. From the beginning they produced solid, well constructed and reliable machines which performed well at home and throughout 'the colonies' to where many early P&Ms were exported. They gained a reputation for being superb Six Days Trials machines and were always well represented in endurance events both at home and abroad. However in the 20s and 30s P&M introduced the name Panther for their sporting models which were, and still are, surprisingly quick comfortable and reliable machines.

With a large single cylinder engine producing lots of torque well down the rev range and with their rugged build and reputation for reliability it was not surprising that Panthers became known as sidecar pullers. Perhaps not so well known was their reputation as innovators. From their very first days P&Ms and Panthers were always at the forefront of the technology of the period beginning with their use of the engine as an integral part of the frame; their championing of all chain drive; introduction of two and then four-speed gears; the early adoption of overhead valves; twin dipping headlights; interconnected breaks and the airsprung Dowty fork.

There were a wide variety of Panthers made from lightweight machines using Villiers engines and the famous Red Panther selling at just £28/17/6 to the Panthette V-twin, the Princess Scooter and the most famous of all Panthers, the Model 100 600cc heavyweight. All are lovingly described in this book as well as the complete history of the company and people that made, rode and sold Panther motorcycles from their earliest days until the final Panther left the Cleckheaton works in 1966.

Panthers inspire now, as they have throughout their history, a remarkable loyalty in their owners and riders. If this book entices others to experience the joys of riding Panthers rest assured you will find it both intoxicating and addictive!

Introduction to the Revised Edition
Introduction to the First Edition
The dawn of motorcycling
Phelon & Rayner - the early years
The Humber 1901-1907
The Phelon and Moore partnership
Under new management - Phelon & Moore Ltd 
The 'Perfected Motorcycle' P&M 1908-1914
The V-twin
On Her Majesty's Service
Peace - and the four-speed P&Ms
A Panther is born

OHV Panthers 1924-1928
Redwing Panthers 1929-1932
Racing Panthers
Panther heavyweights 1933-1937
The Venture
The Guymar
Heavyweight developments 1938-1940
The Panthette V-twin and the Panther-Villiers
Red Panthers and Strouds 1932-1940
Sidecars and caravans
War and Peace
Post-war proposals

Post-war Middleweights
Swedish mysteries, films and exports
Return of the Panther-Villiers
Cleckheaton's Princess
The biggest aspidistra in the world
The flight of the Phoenix
A tour of the works

Softcover, 280 x 210 mm, 331 pages, Over 300 illustrations

Reviews of the Earlier Edition
"If you buy only one motorcycling book this year then buy this one. You will not regret it."
 - Classic Bike Guide

"This is one of the best histories I've ever seen."
 - Old Bike Mart

"...the most comprehensive record yet compiled on this famous marque. Reading it brought back many happy memories to me, travelling as a child in a sidecar pulled by my father's big black Panther."
 - Norma: Friends of the National Motor Museum Trust Newsletter

BCS Book #214-9522

Panther Since 1950

By Steve Wilson, BCS Book #214-9522. Panther were one of those legendary British makes of motorcycle who produced limited numbers of surprisingly good machines. They outlasted many of the better known bikes of their day, finally ceasing to trade in 1966. Their history is perhaps surprisingly little known to some, as it is replete with innovation and a strong reputation for reliability, durability and comfort. Few bikes are as untroubled by a long day on the road as a big Panther; and even fewer are as economical as the Panther lightweights.

The book starts with a short but comprehensive history of the company from its inception in the early 1900s, describing the business challenges and successes experienced by P&M. This small Yorkshire company grew to being a well known manufacturer of high speed touring machines and small commuter bikes in the pre-war years, to a company that perhaps has now become best known for its sidecar machines, although post-war Panthers also make excellent solo machines. The book describes in detail all the post-1950 models from the less well known and increasingly sought after lightweights, to the more familiar single cylinder heavyweights. Full information is given on specifications through the years, engine and frame numbers, and colour schemes. (Panther since 1950 is reprinted, with permission, from an earlier work by Steve Wilson, British Motorcycles since 1950 first published in 1992 by Patrick Stephens Ltd an imprint of Haynes Publishing Company, and now out of print.)

Steve Wilson is the author of British Motor Cycles since 1950, a six volume survey of British Motorcycles and also many other titles about classic bikes and the pleasure to be had from riding them. Steve is a full time journalist writing about classic bikes and cars and has a regular column in Real Classics. When he is not writing about classic bikes he is most likely to be found riding one of his BSAs.

Phelon and Moore Ltd
Panther Model 65 and Model 75 including dates and specifications
Panther models 35, 35 sports, 45, 45 Sports, 50 Grand Sports, Model 35 Sports and ES Sports including dates and specifications
Panther Model 100R, 100S, Model 100S De Luxe and Model 120S including dates and specifications

Feb/March 2008, Softcover, 270 x 210 mm, 48pp, 42 illustrations