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Martin called me last night and led me through the proper procedure. You guys are great. Thank you Mark and Martin.

- Randy, Tonkawa, OK

Bikes Wanted

Always be on the lookout for scammers- insist on photos, serial numbers (engine and frame), and an overview of any modifications or custom work. Inspect before you buy, and if a deal seems too good, it probably is.

Free adverts from those selling or looking for British bikes and parts. All we ask is that we be advised when sold or found, so we can remove the advert. As this is a free service to our customers, we cannot be responsible for anything related to any transactions related to these ads.

03/20/2018 WANTED Early BSA A10 Golden or Black Flash project, non-runner, basket case preferred. My first bike was an old plunger A10 and I would dearly like to restore another one for nostalgia sake. Regards, Tom

WANTED FOR A 1963 T120C FRONT AND REAR FENDERS AND STAYS, HEADLIGHT COMPLETE. [Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA] Seal Beach Ca.

12/07/2017 Does anyone have a rear wheel (or hub) for a rigid frame Norton (ES2, 16H) and an early (dolls head) gearbox - or the outer cover and shifter parts to change a postwar upright gearbox. I have other gearbox parts and single motor ports to trade if need be. Any help would be be appreciated. Randy (902) 435-4916 [Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]

11/08/2016 Wanted One of the following bikes: Late 60's early 70's BSA 441, 500, 650, Norton Commando or Triumph Trident. I just turned 60 and want to get back to biking before I'm too old. Bike needs to be in Ontario. Please email me with detail to [Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]

09/15/2016 I have been a prolific restorer of classic motorcycles for many years, both in my native South Africa and after we emigrated in 2003. I have restored 18 British bikes of all makes (including a 1953 Ariel SQ4), with my last two (number 19 & 20) being a 1973 CB750 Honda and a 1981 DOHC CB750 Custom.

My first ever motorcycle was a 1952 BSA A10 with solo saddle and plunger rear suspension. Due to advancing years my next project will probably be my last and I would LOVE to restore another early A10 for nostalgia sake. I have tried in vain to find a relative complete basket case to restore, even the CVMG "Wanted" columns with no result. A65's aplenty but not older ones in North America.

I was wondering if you perhaps know of someone who has one that they would part with? I would not be interested in a fully restored one. [Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]

08/09/2016 Wanted, Bonneville TSX. I am a Triumph enthusiast and have a number of Triumphs in our shed, this model of Bonneville has been on our wish list for some time now. Austrailia. [Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]

08/03/2016 Wanted, by motorcycle mechanic, X75 Hurricane in any condition.
Email or call Richard Fox, Privateers HD, 902-818-0471. [Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]

04/20/2016 Looking to buy a norton Manx or a Bsa gold star in good condition.
Contact info E mail is [Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]

03/31/2016 Wanted. Set of chronometrics for 1954 CB34 or suitable set.
Not picky
Southern California USA
[Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]

01/22/2016 Im after a original norton 850 mk3 norton commando electric start in must be matching frame engine nos not stamped must have original discs black airbox.with the five half gallon tank.correct clocks not ones green blob circle on.the seat should lift up from a catch on right side not two curled nobs .peashooters fine electronic ign fine upgraded starter fine two carbs must have.lucas lights glass indicators..correct switch gear.

ive had three in them price.will come view check all con artists tricksters.scammers .ex police fraud squad be warned i dont take kindly a genuine biker wanting rekindle youth want original best .no time buyer.

tel uk.07756803113
[Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]
rooksbridrge uk

01/22/2016 I'm trying to find a 1939 Norton for sale either as a project bike (preferable) or restored. I would consider anything from 1930's to 1950's, that style of bike. It will be for display indoors. If you know of anyone that might consider or have one yourself I would be interested in talking further.

Thanks so much for your time. Andrew Park
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12/01/2015 Wanted: Looking for 1967 BSA 650 Lightning in need of work. A non-running motor would is ok. The bike should be complete or mostly complete in as near original condition as possible without modifications to the frame or front end Please contact via email with picture.
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08/25/2015 Wanted. late 50's early 60's A-10 BSA Super Rocket. Want nice ride-able machine in good mechanical and cosmetic shape. No projects and bike must be correct. Prefer in the US as getting anything shipped from north across the border is a nightmare. thanks. Tim 515-835-9585

02/25/2015 Looking for a Grumph -Tri/Greeves. Thanks in advance for your help.
[Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]
Thanks, Jim
Signal Mountain, Tennessee

12/23/2014 I have been looking at BSA bikes to long, but if by any chance you run across a BSA Fury 350 or Triumph Bandit 350 e-mail me. I’m also looking for a BSA Wasp 500cc.
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11/21/2014 I am looking for a 1970 Triumph Trident number matching bike or frame and engine cases, T150T DD or ED prefixes. Ron Thorne 416-452-7815
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11/03/2014 Looking for a Norton 16H or ES2 (even a basket case as long as it’s all there)
[Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]

10/15/2014 Hello There I am desperately looking for the whereabouts of my late fathers 1946 Norton - 500cc - Engine Number A3 2438 (See the attached photo) (Unfortunately I do not know the exact Frame or Model Number.)

This bike was originally owned by my late father, Tommy Taylor who lived in East London, South Africa. During the late 1950's and 1960's, dad was very much involved in Motor Racing especially in organizing the Grand Prix in East London - South Africa.

In 1957, dad and mom along with Mr Ginger Johnson, became the first people to ride motorbikes up Sani Pass from South Africa into Lesotho - then called Basutoland. (My folks rode the 1946 Norton and Ginger Johnson rode a Bantam 200cc) The attached photo was taking in 1957 and is my late mother sitting next to this 1946 Norton outside the Sani Pass lodge. For this epic trip, the front girder forks were removed and new shocks were installed.

Since this trip the 1946 Norton stood in our East London garage until +- 1976 when my dad swopped the bike for camera to his late friend Jimmy Mahaffey in Bloemfontein. I understand that it could have moved to Johannesburg but then???
At the time Jimmy Mahaffey had numerous other motorbikes and it appears that he did not keep the bike for long but sold it to someone else. I understand that it could have moved to Johannesburg but then possibly relocated overseas????

In total my dad owned 3 Norton bikes.
(1) A 1937 Norton that I managed to locate and purchase after standing in someone's garage for 45 years. I am presently commencing with the restoration of this bike.
(2) A 1962 650cc Dominator that dad gave to me just before his passing away.
(3) The above 1946 - 500cc Norton that I would desperately like to locate.

Any information regarding the possible whereabouts of this 1946 Norton - Engine A3 2438 is gratefully appreciated.

Thank you
Peter Taylor
Cape Town
South Africa
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Looking for HUSQVARNA 400 CROSS year 1970 in good condition.
[Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]


Greetings, I am hoping that you might be able to assist me in locating a Norton MK III Roadster for sale. Perhaps you know of one? Will pay finders fee for the bike I want.

Don Culp. PH # 509 630 7381.


Having recently retired I am looking to relive my youth by acquiring an example of the first motorcycle I owned, I am looking for an AJS model 20. Prefer a 1951 to 1956 model year in good condition.

British Columbia, Canada
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My father was in the Air Force and served in Tripoli around 1954 among other places in the world. At that time, he had a 125CC Excelsior. Trying to locate one in Canada or the US. Any help would be appreciated.
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I recently picked up a very complete 1952 BSA A7/A10 rolling plunger frame. The unit came without an engine/gearbox. I have located a complete gearbox , but I am still looking for an engine. Do you have any cases, or perhaps a lower end?

Thomas, California
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Looking for a Mk2 Sq 4.....
[Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]


Wanted: BSA Victor Special in good condition with clear title. (717) 545-2031, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


I’m looking for an early 70’s Triumph T100C in good or very good condition. My location is Calgary Alberta but am willing to travel for the right bike.

Email address to contact is: [Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]


Nostalgia has me looking for a Royal Enfield Crusader 250cc. Would prefer one that is near complete needing restoration but will look at anything. I had a 1958 in my long past youth.

Contact: Brian Ph:780-986-2366
Email: [Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]


LOOKING FOR VINCENT PROJECT or PARTS... any model or condition...
Have cash or TRADE for > INDIAN , HARLEY or other BRITISH?

George Schwarz 416 996 5940


The bikes I am interested in finding are:

AJS Model 18 or Model 20
Velocette, any model considered

James Wilbourn
(323) 816-0637
Costa Mesa, CA


Hello. I am looking to purchase a numbers matching Vincent Comet. Also interested in spare Vincent motors and transmissions. Please contact me at 714-612-1267


I am looking for a 1962-63 BSA Rocket Gold Star in original drivable condition or restored with NOS parts.
I want originality more, but would take a restored bike too. Please call or email.

Mike [Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]
Southern Calif 310-493-5015


Hi following a bout of ill health I am now looking to get back into restoring some old British bikes. First and foremost I am looking for a Matchless G15 around 1966/7. Would like complete bike but one requiring restoration. I would also consider a 750 Norton Commando 1970/1 and possibly a Triumph T120.

If you have any other large British twins or possibly Italian bikes I would love to hear from you. If you can help out with organizing shipping to the UK it would be appreciated. Any condition considered, matching numbers prefered. please email details, send pictures and your contact number.

Many thanks
Martyn [Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]


I'm looking for a pre-70 Unit TR6 in original or restored condition.
Must have clear title. Location: California or neighbouring states.
Please email phone #, details and pictures to me at
[Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]


Would like to buy a BSA GA10 frame or project A10 also Rocket 3 or X75
956 345 0484 Cameron


Looking for Matchless G80 CS from year 1958 to 1963 in original and good condition-

Luca Borromeo
mob. 00393497125101
[Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]


Hello, I'm looking for a bsa gold star dbd34 can you find a motorcycle for me?

Sebastian Luengo
0033 609605870
Paris, France


Seeking an older classic running Brit bike:- 50-70's AMC, Beeza twin with original Brit RH gear shift.

I'm a expat biker been living here firstly in mid USA now Florida past 30 yrs and returning to ride a good rideable classic bike Bit bike with "my used to" traditional RH gear shift of 1up 3 down, no Triumph, Jap or other make with different shifts.

I need a good condition bike even a restored well cared for one, a rare breed though they are, they sometimes appear but are snatched up quickly, maybe some well rusted model which needs extra work as I'm a retired engineer with plenty of spare time bike knowhow and a decent empty covered garage here so can do such easy light restoring homework myself.

[Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]
- Harold


Fury/Bandit frame, rolling chassis and engine/cycle parts sought by enthusiast for ambitious project.
Anything considered, good cash for the right stuff - please contact Richard (Based in Preston, UK).

[Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]
Many thanks.


Looking for a really nice 58-61 BSA Golden Flash, prefer ready to ride in nice condition to restored.
Have a 58 Super Rocket and looking for a daily rider that looks as nice as it runs.
I'm in the Central US. Cash in hand for the right bike. No projects or highly modified bikes please.

[Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]


I am hunting for a 50's or early 60's Velocette. Preferably something a bit more affordable like a MAC or MSS, but would also consider the Vipers/Venoms as well.
Matchless bikes are also on my list: late 40s early 50s single with rear suspension. G3 or G80. I am motivated with cash.

[Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]


Greetings, I am looking for a 1962 BSA Spitfire in partial restoration of complete.

505-980-7187, Michigan


I am looking for a a 1966-1969 triumph bonneville project bike for 2000 obo.
[Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]


Hello. I am looking to purchase a numbers matching Vincent Comet. Also interested in spare Vincent motors and transmissions.
Please contact me at 714-612-1267

Thanks in advance,
Bob Southern CA


I am looking for BSA B50SS or B50T or similar. Poor or good conditions.
Please let me know if you know a such machine for sale.

[Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]
Many thanks


Johnny Cook, Texas, 210-262-4766 looking for a 250 Triumph.


Hi I want to buy 1966 Triumph Bonneville T120. I live in italia. i want to make an offer to export bikes in Italy.
Offer 5000 euro cash.

best regards

Luis Manna
telefhone home 0039 81 7719100
Mobile 039 3356074822


Want to buy restored to original 1961 BSA A-10 Super Rocket with chrome tank and fenders.
Looking for a good, solid rider; not a showbike. THANKS !

[Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]


602-996-8885 PHX. AZ.


I am looking for a gold star restoration and r/e fury/intercepter restoration project or bike, up to $5000.00.

[Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]
many thanks,
Location: Essex, England


I am looking for a 66 BSA Thunderbolt the blue one with the side of tank chrome and red bsa logo
must be in good condition can you help i had one when i was in high school
I am 62 now and would like to get one before i pass on

[Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA]
Location: Oklahoma


Looking for a mid 60's to early 70's brit bike. Preferably a bike with a chrome tank. Basket cases welcome. Would like to stay in the North East.
Please call Rob 631-300-8006


I am looking to buy a 1968-71 basket case triumph with a title.
Anyone who has one for sale at a realistic price please contact me with the details.
Preferred location is North Carolina, but Southeastern US or Eastern seaboard will be considered.
Please email with details and price.


i am in the market for a BSA 441 Victor Special. i bought one new in 1966 and sold it in California in 1970 (big mistake).
i live in North carolina now.


Looking for British Trials bike.
It can be a runner, non-runner or even a basket case (as long as most of the bits are there).
Do you know of anything available?
Lon Berg


I've been on the prowl for a Norton or AJS project bike. I'm looking for something from 1947-1951. A single cylinder.
If you happen to know of someone in Nova Scotai selling something I would appreciate a heads up.

Thanks in advance,


I m looking for a triumph trident 1973 or norton commando 1973
Thank you


Decades ago had a 500cc TRW Military surplus Triumph motorcycle. Wondering where might find one in 2012?
Thank you for any information you might have.

Gynts, Ontario


I am looking for a 500cc or a 650cc unit twin complete engine, prefer single carb but would take dual carb. Any condition as long as it is not seized.
Thank you.


Hello, I am trying to find a project motorcycle specifically a 1966 BSA Spitfire MK II Special. I was wondering if you could point me in a direction to find this Bike.


I want a project Triumph Trident T150 from 1969 to 1970, preferably in a European version and complete.


Looking for an early model Norton Super Commando. if you can help please let me know. Thanks a lot.


WANTED: 1967 Triumph 650 seat or seat pan in restorable condition.
Contact Mark at


Wanted, Bsa spitfire parts, 5 gallon tank, alloy wheels, side covers, headlight ears, fenders, hand levers, thanks


I am loocking for a Royal Enfield 750 Interceptor S 2.
Thank you
Gilles from France


I am looking for a 1971 Norton 750 Roadster. I used to own one in Panama. It had a lot of crome and the colors were Canary Yellow and Black.
Let me know if you one. And let me know if you export to Panama

Best Regards


Norton 650ss Motor

I'm looking to buy a Norton 650ss motor. Any year is fine. Any condition is fine as long as the fins aren't all broken.
Willing to pay fair price.
I've also got an Atlas motor and other Norton parts that I'd be willing to trade in part for the 650ss motor.
Please let me know what you've got and we can work out a deal.

Email Jeff at


Looking for a bsa rocket three any condition project or runner wgat have you got to offer it will need shipping to the uk so can you include a quote for this also

regards Trev


I'm looking BSA Y13 any condition , any year and PARTS
I live in thailand please contact me if you have me to sell

+66 (0) 876590821


Looking for BSA A75 PROJECT / BASKET CASE any condition , any year ...or PARTS ...
call > George Schwarz 416 996 5940 [ Toronto] ..................


My father's 68 spitfire was stolen 30 years ago after he brought it home from England.
I have the title and am trying to locate it or at least a bike i can fix up for him.

Really just seeing what is out there.
Thanks in advance for your help!



Bike wanted 1960's BSA Lightning or spitfire in the Maryland area will travel up to 200 miles for the right bike. thank you


HI I'm french i'm looking for a bobber Triumph BSA or Harley
please contact me if you have me to sell thank you best regards


wanted: old bonnie T120
New York


Howdy, hope all is well!

I have a friend who is looking to buy a 1967 Bonneville or Tiger. Any condition, but he would prefer a machine that needs some work like a project. It has to be a 1967 because that's his birth year and its really what he is after. I was wondering if you (long shot) know of one for sale? Thanks, and please let me know if there's anything NEAR a 67 perhaps he can be talked into it :) :)

Thanks in advance,


Wanted - Restore project
Looking for a 1955-1969 BSA A65, Triumph Bonneville or Thunderbird, or Matchless. Prefer matching numbers.
Looking to restore one of these bikes from 'Barn Find' condition, no basket cases.
Please contact Dave.


wanted: triumph T120 Bonneville 1969, original in good condition, and mach.
numbers, please email price and Pictures to:


Hi, I write to you from France. I'm looking for a TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE T120 model UK year 1969 or 1970.
Please, contact me if you have one to sell!
Thank's a lot,
Best regards,


Wanting a 1967-68 BSA Spitefire or1964-66 Hornet, also looking for 1968-70Triumph T100R, and lastly a 1995-97 Honda GB 500


I'm trying to purchase a 60's Norton Atlas. Stock, matching numbers. Good to excellent condition. Matching numbers. If you come across one, or know someone, please let me know. No fixer-uppers wanted. I plan on doing a frame up restoration and would like to limit my work load. I will pay more than a reasonable price if the bike is solid. Thank you!

Jesse Mitsch or


I am looking for a basketcase cafe racer project bike, preferably in the '40s to '60s era. The only real requirement is price, which would have to be under $1000. Let me know what you might have. I am located in West Hants, NS and can be reached through email at Thanks!

Sean MacDonald


I am looking for a rolling frame for a 73-74 850 Commando project I would like to start. I would also consider a complete (parts) bike at the right price. I would also consider separate assemblies i.e. Frame, Front wheel assembly complete, rear wheel assembly complete (spokes & rim quality doesn't matter), motor cradle & motor mounts, brakes etc. I do not need motor, gear box, tank & side covers, forks or triple trees, but most other things.
Southern Ontario


Wanted, G50 Matchless, complete bike or just engine, any configuration, original or Beale.

Thanks, Barry


Looking for a BSA Rocket 3 any condition. Prefer 1971, 705-693-3778


Looking to buy a 1971 Triumph. Please contact me if you hear of one or get one in your possession. Thank you.

The bike is for my husband who is turning 40 in Feb. (hence the 1971 year) and he is a current BMW (I don't even know the model but it's really bid and ends in GS) motorcycle owner. He was born in the UK and he has mentioned the triumph more times than I can count. I want the bike to be in fairly good shape and in working order but as far as the model or any other specifications I don't know. He'll have to like what I get him. I do want it to be as authentic as possible as far as the look of it but definitely NOT a project bike. (He has about 15 projects he still needs to finish that I've given him, tee hee)

Catherine Asbrey
South Carolina


I am looking for Triumph Chopper. Will trade a 1989 Yamaha Venture Royale 1300cc beautiful condition Full dress touring bike for one. I am preferably looking for a Bonneville w/springer front end, but will consider others.
I want $4,500 for my bike if no trade.
Bike located in NY.


Wanted: cylinder heads for Royal Enfield 750cc Interceptor or Super Constellation models; must have good fins and valve seats.


Looking to purchase a 1968 1/2 through 1970 Royal Enfield 750 Interceptor MKII If possible
Thank you for your time, Yes I'm a patient idiot. Bernie J.


I'm looking for a restored mid 60's BSA 650 or Triumph in original conditioned not customized max 3000 grand
e-mail at


Hi Guy's, I am looking to purchase a pre '70 Triumpgh 650 basket case.
Prefere one on the west coast. Must have papers.

thanks, Jake


Hello Sir..
im looking for norton engine...atlas 650@750,norton twin 500cc...please me know.tq



I'm hoping to upgrade the engine on my 49 James. I'm looking for a
Villiers 2-stroke single cylinder 225 or 250 cc complete with 4 speed gearbox.



WANTED B25 Complete Engine for my 96 BSA Starfire rebuild project,
also looking for wheels front and rear (hubs ideally for refurb
and rebuild with stainless rims and spokes. If Anyone out there,
I would need to know an idea of shipping costs owing to global location.
I am trying all over in the UK with zero response.



I am wanting to buy a BSA A75 Rocket 3 1972 in good condition.
I am a member and past president of the BSA Owners Club of South
Australia. We now have 199 members and are all passionate owners
and riders of BSA bikes.

Kind Regards, Robert.


Looking to purchase a 1971 BSA A75R Rocket III US Export


Looking for Norton Commando basket case(s), unwanted projects, etc. email at or call 780 922 4277 Alberta, Canada (Russ) Thanks.


Looking for Triumph or BSA Trike frame w/ rearend or unfinished/forgotten British trike projects.
Also looking for compatible stretched springer front. Any help appreciated. Cheers,
Ashley McClymont
(613) 880-5050


Triumph Tiger 110, a 1958 or 1959 model wanted for rebuild or completely rebuilt, e-mail


Wanted, Matchless G3/L 1940 military motorbike. in any condition.