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I got the fork tubes yesterday and they look great. Thanks for the great and friendly service.

- Rick, San Carlos, CA

New Arrivals & Just Catalogued Items

Hagon Twin and Mono Shocks now available for all makes, models and years. Special ordered for your needs and to your specifications.


January 2016 - We moved our American warehouse from New Jersey to a new, bigger and better location in Maine. Find Out More!

The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming! - Bangor Daily News - Part Two


April 2017 - Another shipment of high quality US made Cycle Pro piston rings has just arrived at our Loring, Maine, warehouse for Triumph and Norton twins. Good stock of high quality rings already on hand for most other Triumph, BSA, and Norton motorcycles, including New Old Stock Hepolite for some models and sizes.
April 2017 - Just into our Loring, Maine, warehouse: a pallet of Emgo original replica and universal handlebars, high quality replacement alternator rotors, and much more!
April 2017 - Just in, yet another shipment of Caswell tank sealer, for use on steel, alloy, and fibreglass tanks. Safe to use with ethanol fuels. Seal and protect your tank from internal rust with this space age compound!
April 2017 - Just in, more Emgo high quality replacement parts such as more exact replicas of the original Girling shocks, in many different variations of length, bushing size, and spring rate, with and without the chrome and black shrouds.
April 2017 - More 16 plate Tony Hayward beltdrives just in for Triumph twins. Steel front pulley, splined alloy drum and Surflex clutch plates for durability, strength, low weight, and good heat dissipation. Can be run dry or in oil! Available for most Triumph, BSA, and Norton models.
April 2017 - Just in, full crate of genuine FERODO brakeshoes and discbrake pads for classic Brit cycles, best quality at a good price, for great stopping power!
April 2017 - And yet more beautiful Goodridge one piece rocker feed kits for Commando, brake hose banjo bolts with integral brake switch, brake hose kits, and other items just in, all UK made and 100% stainless steel.
April 2017 - Just in, new batch of 392-989/A 20 Watt Halogen bulb lights which can be used to replace the standard parking bulb in most Lucas headlights for daytime running lights in states and provinces with “daytime headlight on” requirements. Nice and bright, but less than half the draw of a low beam headlight bulb!!
March 2017 - 214-1832 - Triumph Bonneville & TR6 Motorcycle Restoration Guide: 1956–83 by David Gaylin - The Complete Guide to Triumph's Best Bikes

Revised Edition. Unavailable for years, the book is back in print. The best Triumph Restoration Guide available! Don’t miss out, call British Cycle Supply today.
March 2017 - Another shipment of High quality Italian Paioli fuel taps just received at our Loring warehouse. These are as fitted to 1980 and later Triumphs as original equipment and make a great upgrade for earlier models. While not quite as pretty as the older chrome type taps, these ones seem impervious to leakage.

We also offer a version never fitted to Triumphs by the factory that allows for running both taps on main for maximum fuel flow, and then each tap has its own reserve position also, giving two reserves for an extra margin of safety if you hate pushing out of fuel motorcycles!
March 2017 - Just in, new batch of best airfilters in the world, Genuine K&N! Some of these are custom filters made specially for us.
March 2017 - Just in, more Joe Hunt magnetos for British cycles. We stock mags and parts for unit and preunit twins!
March 2017 - Just in, hundreds and hundreds of US made Leakproof fork seals, in both standard and Moly. Less stiction, better compliance, better sealing, longer life, easier installation, good pricing!
March 2017 - Just in, new batch of the famous Tri-Spark ignitions from Australia for British twins and triples.

This is the only system made with individually firing ignition coils for Triumph/BSA triples so the stock coils can be retained if desired, or we can supply high output coils that look and fit like original.

The twin cylinder kits all have onboard electronics so require no remote amplifier, and this feature is now also available as an option for the triples!
March 2017 - Just in, another batch of high quality replacement gearbox sprockets from Emgo! We have the gaskets, oil seals, and clutch hub pullers to do the job right, and have quality replacement chain as well as genuine Renolds – always fit a new chain when replacing worn sprockets!
March 2017 - More cambush line reamers tools just in: 2 types will suit all 1936 onward Triumph overhead valve twins, preunit and unit, 350, 500, 650, and 750cc to do the job right!!  
March 2017 - Just in, crate of BSA A50/A65 exhaust pipes, finest British manufacture by LF Harris.

Just in: a crate of hand produced Leighton seats and covers for Triumph, BSA, and Norton. The maker of these seats individually handcrafts each one, and they are complete with hardware and rubber bushings as applicable.

Just arrived at Loring, a full pallet of US made plug wire kits, excellent quality and pricing!
February 2017 - More Venhill Featherlite control cables just in for selected clutch and throttle applications, for easy lever pull and smooth operation.

Just in: Another batch of BCS 332-104/J Podtronic single phase 200 Watt regulator/rectifier units with built in capacitor for simple batteryless operation if desired.

Just in, more stock airfilter elements and assemblies, made in England by the original suppliers to Triumph, BSA, and Norton.
February 2017 - More Neway valve seat cutter kits just in. Do a precision three angle valve job quickly and accurately with this US made kit custom assembled especially for us to handle virtually all unit post war Triumph, BSA, and Norton twins, triples, and unit singles.

Can be expanded with additional pilots to do preunit singles, and with additional cutters and pilots to do Harley Davidson, etc, at minimal cost. Blades are individually replaceable and are adjustable.
February 2017 - Another shipment just in of US made KPMI valve train and engine/gearbox components, including Genuine Kibblewhite Black Diamond stainless valves, C630 Bronze guides, lightweight super strong pushrods, and high quality valvespring kits.
February 2017 - More US made stainless steel caliper pistons for Triumph Lockheed calipers, and for Norton calipers just in, these never corrode and are a precision fit for a perfect caliper rebuild. Excellent inventory of UK made caliper seal kits also on hand, as well as both UK made rubber hoses and UK made Goodridge braided stainless hoses, and FERODO Platinum discbrake pads.
February 2017 - A 570 Pound pallet of US made Triumph/BSA clutch friction (57-1362/E) and plain steel plates (57-1363) just unloaded at our Loring, Maine, warehouse. Great performance at a super price!
February 2017 - More British made Goodridge stainless brake and rocker feed hose kits just in! These are made of 100% stainless fittings and Teflon lined stainless hose, with user replaceable components, for lifetime use.

Better braking feel, better appearance, longer life than original, at a realistic price! Our one piece stainless Norton rocker feed kits are custom made for us and the finest I have ever seen anywhere, at no more cost no more than the rest.

January 2017 - 65-8500/ER - Cap for Primary Cover and Oiltank, Chrome
January 2017 - New supply just in of the chrome plastic seat trim used on many Triumph unit construction twin and triple seat covers. Replace missing and damaged seat trim to improve appearance!

Also just in, more high quality US made gaskets for many applications!
January 2017 - More high quality Emgo custom mufflers just in at great pricing!
January 2017 - 67-1136 - SPRING, CUSH DRIVE, BSA PREUNIT
January 2017 - 65-2521 - WASHER, TAB, CUSH, PREUNIT
January 2017 - 42-6069/ER - SPROCKET, 42 TEETH, FOUR BOLT, ARIEL HUB
January 2017 - 57-4783/ER - SPROCKET, GEARBOX, 19 TEETH, FIVE SPEED, ECONO
January 2017 - 57-4784/ER - SPROCKET, GEARBOX, 18 TEETH, FIVE SPEED, ECONO
January 2017 - More high performance Triumph 650/750 billet cams just in from Megacycle Cams. These 510-05 cams are a “drop-in” cam for Triumph preunit 500 and 650, and unit 650 and 750 twins, and will give more torque and horsepower than original when set up correctly.

Many other Megacycle billet cams for Triumph, BSA, and Norton are in stock, as well as associated parts such as performance spring kits, heavy duty pushrods, and mushroom valve adjusters.

Megacycle cam grinds that are not currently available as billets are available as regrinds on your old cams for most makes and models – just send them to our USA warehouse and we will call to discuss when received.
January 2017 - 621-Series - High quality made in England 1/8 BSP gastaps. Lots of options available.
Click here to download our 2016 holiday guide (2.5mb, PDF). We have lots of great products for the Brit bike enthusiast in your life. From apparel (hats and t-shirts) to calendars and wrench sets and cloth patches, we have something for everyone!

Or visit our gift suggestions page. Can't decide? We also have gift certificates.
December 2016 - Just in, another batch of famous Tony Hayward 16 plate belt drives and replacement oil-proof polybelts for Triumph, BSA, and Norton!
December 2016 - New product JUST IN - Speedbleeder Checkvalves. A new and economic way to bleed your brakes with minimum fuss!
December 2016 - Just in, UK made Avon Safety Mileage tyres, fuel taps, ball and roller bearings, kickstart quadrants, brake disc rotors, hardened kickstart cotters and much more, all UK made.
December 2016 - Just in, huge shipment of genuine Amal carbs and parts, including Premiers, Monoblocs, and Pre-Monobloc, plus lots of Mk2 parts.

Just in, 5 big boxes of British made speedo and tach cables, many lengths, for Smiths and Veglia applications, including Chronometric, with correct armouring where specified.

Just in, fresh batch of British made gasket sets for virtually all models of Triumph, BSA, and Norton as well as individual gaskets, orings and fibre washers, to original specifications.

JUST IN: Another batch of Emgo fuel tanks for pre1971 unit construction 650 Triumph just in. Highest quality replacement available for old leaky, dented, and rusty tanks, made of precision pressed heavy gauge steel!
Lots of genuine ball and roller bearings from the original factory sources, lots of US made Kibblewhite valve train products, a fresh batch of UK made gasket sets and individual gaskets, a crate of Amal Premier carbs, UK made speedo and tach cables.
Another batch just in of EasyCaps, the inexpensive way to repair and upgrade Lucas and BTH magnetos and get rid of the troublesome original condenser! Details on our site, or call.
November 2016 - 254-Series - Key tags now in stock!
November 2016 - We keep a full range of Hagon shocks on hand for pre1987 classic British bikes, but we can also supply the full range of Hagon twin shocks and Monoshocks for virtually every motorcycle and scooter ever built, on special order. These competitively priced high quality British made shocks come with a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty, and can be custom built to customer specs if necessary.
November 2016 - 57-4597 - SLIPPER, PRIMARY CHAIN ADJUSTER, 1974 T150
November 2016 - 57-4937 - SLIPPER, PRIMARY CHAIN ADJUSTER, T160
November 2016 - 65-3910 - BRG, CAGED BALLS, CL, 6 SPRING TYPE
November 2016 - 68-3098 - QUADRANT, SHIFT, A50/65, EARLY
November 2016 - More of our Canadian made hardtail sections for Triumph and BSA twins and triples just in, along with some of the Weld-on plunger conversions for rigid frame Brit cycles.
November 2016 - Another shipment of high quality replicas of the British made flat lever type fueltaps with locknut used on so many British motorcycles. Part number 621-131/ER (reserve) and 621-132/ER (main, with internal tube).

The rubber seals in these taps were reformulated a few years ago to handle today’s gasoline, and the reliability record has been as good as the British taps. Flat metal lever and centre, chrome plated body.
November 2016 - 42-4514 - STRAP ASSEMBLY, BATTERY, PREUNIT A&B 1954-1961 SWINGARM
November 2016 - New product! PODtronics Dynamo Regulators - available in 6v positive or negative earth. These mini regulators fit inside the small early Lucas boxes, as well as the Miller regulator box.
October 2016 - Another good sized shipment of the best tank sealer we have found yet has just arrived at our Loring warehouse, expected in our Nova Scotia warehouse November 10th. 100% of our Caswell sealer customers have been happy using this product with every type of gasoline, including gas with high levels of Ethanol, and with every type of tank: steel, fibreglass and aluminum. Safe, reliable, economical, and shippable by ground only, anywhere in North America.
October 2016 - Huge stocking order of UK made cloth wound wiring harnesses and wire terminals has just arrived, and due to the low Pound, many prices have been reduced. These are the best harnesses made, nicer than original Lucas was!
October 2016 - Many formerly “out of stock” Triumph parts have just arrived and been put into inventory, including wheel hubs for discbrake Triumphs and lots of hardware!  
October 2016 - The 2017 Classic Triumph Calendar is in stock! A twelve month supply of Bonnies, Trophys and T-birds. Makes a great gift. These calendars always sell out so grab yours quick! Printed on thick, photo-grade paper, these calendars also make great posters.
October 2016 - The 2017 Norton Owners Club Classic Calendar is now in stock in Canada. Expected in USA early November- USA customers reserve yours today!
September 2016 - 68-0685/A - WASHER, THRUST, CRANK, R, UPGRADED, KPMI - Fits 1966on A50 and A65 models.
September 2016 - 71-3671/A - COVERS, ROCKER, 6 BOLT, BILLET
September 2016 - 741-134/A - FINNED CLIP, ALLOY, 1-3/4", SQUARE
September 2016 - 651-51 - DUAL INTAKE MANIFOLD W/ HARDWARE. For those who wish to convert their single carb Triumph TR6 or TR7 to twin carbs with no modifications, this intake manifold, complete with everything required except for the second carb and cables, is the way to go.
September 2016 -  82-4531 - BOLT, 5/16X26 CEI
September 2016 - 70-7911 - ROCKERBOX, B25/TR25W, PRE1971
September 2016 - Yet more of the innovative TriSpark electronic ignitions with onboard electronics for simple wiring have just been received. This company makes the only sequential firing system for Triumph BSA triples that is out there. No waste spark – all the power goes to one spark plug at a time on these bikes and works with original coils!
September 2016 - 572-23/C and 572-23/D - 1600/120MPH Replacement Speedometers, with studs and tripmeter. Available with grey face or late face.
September 2016 - 06-2039 - Fiberglass Commando Fastback Tail Section
September 2016 - Just in, more US made Barnett clutch components, nylon lined cables, finned rocker caps, and stainless steel taillight brackets.
September 2016 - Just in, more US made chrome Triumph oiltank filter screens with integral spigot, as used on most custom oiltanks, and lots of chrome acorn nuts and acorn nut kits.
September 2016 - More #99-2770/A, assembled 13mm master cylinder barrels to upgrade front Triumph discbrakes for less lever effort and better stopping.
September 2016 - Just in, a large quantity of genuine ALPHA precision conrod big end bearing sets for BSA B44 and BSA B50 models. Many other ALPHA big end conrod bearings sets already on the shelf, and more to follow. Rebuild your single cylinder right with quality parts!

Full range of Carrillo conrods for BSA singles also kept in stock, and any rods we don’t have can be supplied to sample.
August 2016 - Just in! The 2017 Classic Triumph Calendar is now in stock! A twelve month supply of Bonnies, Trophys and T-birds. Makes a great gift. These calendars always sell out so grab yours quick! Printed on thick, photo-grade paper, these calendars also make great posters.
August 2016 - Just discovered in Domiracer auction inventory, a large carton of New Old Stock genuine herringbone hose, 3/16" ID x 7-1/4" long for rocker feed line connection, for that finishing touch to a restoration!
August 2016 - Back in stock, BCS #531-35/ER Norton Commando European style fork gaiters, also suitable for all Triumph/BSA conical and discbrake forks, great value, great look – protect your forkseals and chrome forktubes!
August 2016 - Just in, another shipment of Boyer Bransden electronic ignitions and regulator/rectifier units for British bikes. Wide range of kits and components kept in stock!
August 2016 - Just in, screened UK made velocity stacks for virtually all AMAL carbs from AMAL 275 up.
August 2016 - Big shipment of genuine Norton parts and genuine Triumph, Norton, and BSA service manuals, owners handbooks, and illustrated factory parts books just in by sea freight!
August 2016 - More of the best bar end mirrors in the world: Halcyon British made stainless round and rectangular mirrors back in stock, with adjustable tension and a show finish. Also, a wide range of British made Halcyon “Battle of Britain” style goggles, with real glass and real leather. Replacement parts and tinted lenses in stock, too.
August 2016 - Yet another shipment of Joe Hunt Magnetos and Parts just received at our Loring, Maine warehouse. The simplest and most reliable ignition system in the world: the magneto! Perfect for custom Brit cycles.
August 2016 - 70-2364 - GASKET, OIL JUNCTION BLOCK, TRW
July 2016 - More lovely 19 and 21 Inch Chrome Spoked Drum Minibrake Front Wheels just in, perfect for springer and girder front ends. We also have the 5/8” axles and spacer kits to match, if needed.
July 2016 - Yet another batch of the famous Dyno Dave Hi Powered Electric Starter Motors for Norton 850Mk3 just arrived at BCS’s Loring warehouse. Get rid of the electric assist on your Commando Mk3 and install a heavy duty 4 brush starter with sealed ball bearings and gear reduction, a drop on installation. Super Low Resistance Large Diameter Starter Wire Sets also in stock!
Jule 2016 - HOUSING, TAILITE, STEEL #68-6795
July 2016 - A new batch of replica Dunstall Mufflers has just arrived in Loring
July 2016 - Another shipment of high quality US made connecting rod and main shell bearings just delivered to Loring. Try us for virtually any size and application, BSA, Triumph, Norton, and even a few Ariel and AJS/Matchless twins.
July 2016 - Just in, more 200watt Podtronics Solid State Regulator/Rectifier Units with built in capacitor for batteryless running if needed, and more Pazon Twin Cylinder Kits, the electronic ignition with the 7-1/2 year warranty!
July 2016 - Just in, minibrake front wheels in 19 and 21” and axles to suit. Also, Harley 16” chrome drop centre rims- we have the spoke kits to lace up a nice fat low rear wheel!
July 2016 - Another new batch of Norton 850 Fullauto Heads just in. We can also supply super quality KPMI Valves and Complete Spring Kits (stock replacement or for hot cam) if desired at same time. The exhaust ports are further modified on the latest batch for even better performance. These heads are so much better than what came on these bikes that they are now being sold by Norton themselves under the original Norton part numbers!
June 2016 - Haynes Workshop Manuals are ideal for motorcycles that consist of different year engine, frame or forks, or where there is no factory service manual available, such as for preunit BSAs. Fully illustrated, these are also an economical alternative to factory service manuals for those working on a budget. All available Haynes manuals for Classic Brit cycles are in stock for immediate delivery. Dealers: Ask us for a free Haynes book display rack with an order for ten or more manuals.
June 2016 - USA quality at a Chinese price: US made Tympanium Regulator/Rectifier Units are small, reliable, and competitively priced, for use on all single phase alternators fitted to pre1979 British bikes. Two year warrantee, easy to install. Large shipment just in from the factory!
June 2016 - Just in, more black Motorcycle Tyre Pumps, virtually same as fitted to many Triumph, BSA, and Norton models, for that final touch of originality (plus the ability to fill tyres by hand when on the road).
June 2016 - Yet another big shipment of quality genuine AMAL Carbs and Parts just in and ready to ship, including Concentric Premiers, Monoblocs, Mk2 carbs, PreMonobloc flange and clip type carbs, complete “Matchbox” Remote Float Chambers, and rebuild kits for virtually all AMAL carbs.
June 2016 - New products: Stainless valves in standard and oversize for Triumph/BSA unit 250 singles, and for BSA A50 Royal Start twins
June 2016 - More Megacycle Billet Performance Camshafts just in for Triumph and Vincent. Expensive, but worth it!!
June 2016 - More of the world’s strongest conrods just received at our Loring, Maine, warehouse. We stock Carrillo rods and specify the stronger, SPS-CARR bolts. We have them on the shelf for singles, twins, and Triples, and can supply on special order for anything else. Don’t take chances, go with bulletproof strong and light steel rods!
June 2016 - Another large shipment just received in our Loring, Maine, warehouse of US Made Shell Bearings which equal or exceed original specifications. We stock shell bearings for virtually all Triumph, BSA, and Norton models, in a wide range of sizes.
June 2016 - New batch of British made Chrome Plated Norton/Triumph/BSA Exhaust Pipes, mufflers and grabrails, and zinc plated engine mounting bolt sets just received, order now – the makers have a hard time keeping up to demand for these items.
June 2016 - More quality 100% British made Hagon Shocks, just arrived, made with original Girling shock blueprints and tooling but to improved specifications. They now come with a two year unlimited mileage warranty and spring adjuster wrench. We have Hagon shocks for Classic British bikes from AJS to Velocette !!
June 2016 - New Product - 06-2874 - Nut, Tachdrive Blanking
June 2016 - New Product - 57-2166/G - Vented Caps for Primary Case, Gearbox Fill, and Triple Rockerboxes
May 2016 - Just arrived at our Loring, Maine, warehouse, the following items just manufactured for us by bulbsthatlast4ever:

391-56605/LED CONVERSION, LED,LUCAS SIGNALS,(set of 4 requires 391-35048/A)
391-35048/A   FLASHER RELAY FOR LED, POS&NEGATIVE (required for above)

394-01/LED    LED CONVERSION, VINCENT "STOP" tailite, 12V

And we have stock of the 391-53973/A Lucas taillight LED conversions on hand now and we are expecting another large shipment of them shortly.

Although bulbsthatlast4ever is not taking any further orders due to the owner’s retirement, we have purchased all available stock of their kits for classic British bikes, and all units are still warrantied by the manufacturer.

May 2016 - A tractor trailer has just delivered yet another full pallet of quality EMGO replacement products to our Loring warehouse. As soon as it's unpacked, half is expected to be delivered to our Canadian warehouse via the BCS company truck.
May 2016 - Another shipment of DynoDave heavy duty 4 brush ball bearing /gear reduction type Electric Starters and starter wire sets for Norton Mk3ES models, drop in replacement for the original weakling 2 brush outboard motor starter they came with from the factory.
May 2016 - We just got in a new shipment of USA Made Aircraft Alloy Bolt On Rear Sprockets for Triumph, BSA, and Norton in an even wider range than previously stocked by us, and we can supply just about any tooth count we don't have, on special order.

For racing, touring, sidecar use, trials, or hill climbing, we're probably  stocking the widest range of sprockets around!
May 2016 - Just in: A new batch of quality Tony Hayward Belt Drive Kits and components. Lighter primary drive with cooler running, smoother engagement. Run wet or dry! Call for details on one for your bike!
May 2016 - 235-02 - Another batch of the best Tank Sealer we have found yet, Caswell, has arrived at our Loring, Maine warehouse. Seal your fuel tank for security! Works on fiberglass, steel, or alloy tanks.
May 2016 - Just arrived, stocking order of high quality Replacement Lever Type Fuel Taps, both main and reserve.

Also just in, huge batch of US made high quality 97-1891 forksprings to suit all unit Triumph 500/650 twins with external spring forks.
May 2016 - More high powered Madigan Starters for T160 just received at our Loring, Maine, warehouse. Make your Triple start like a dream!
May 2016 - Just arrived at our Loring, Maine, warehouse: shipment of six big boxes of Stainless Allen Bolt Kits, Chrome Acorn Nuts, and other hardware for Brit cycles! Allen kits are best sidecover fasteners around, as you can carry an Allen key in your toolbox for quick access if ever needed while travelling.
May 2016 - More Boyer Bransden Electronic Ignition Kits, Solid State Regulators, and ignition components have just arrived at BCS
May 2016 - Just in, genuine Bing rebuild kits, jetting update kits, and repair parts for late Triumph T140ES models!
May 2016 - Another Finned Primary Cover shipment, Triumph RH shift 650/750 models
May 2016 - Spring stocking order of US made K&N Airfilters with million mile warranty just received at our Loring, Maine, warehouse
April 2016 - New shipment of Joe Hunt magnetos and parts, and more high quality US made piston rings.
April 2016 - Just in, six more crates of quality EMGO replacement parts for classic Brit cycles, more on the way soon.
April 2016 - Just received at our NJ warehouse: Another batch of high quality US made replacement LA SLEEVE brand cylinder sleeves for reconditioning worn or damaged British cylinder barrels. Full range supplied by BCS, from AJS to Vincent, please contact us with your requirements.
April 2016 - Just arrived, shipment of UK made Goodridge 100% Stainless Brake Hose Kits
April 2016 - Just in, even more high power 4 brush Norton Mk3 Starter Motors and Commando Clutch Nut Seals
March 2016 - Just in, new batch of quality ball, roller, and needle bearings
March 2016 - Just in, big batch of USA made Kibblewhite valve train parts, including new items for Triumph/BSA unit singles
March 2016 - 235-02 - New Shipment of Caswell Tank Sealant - The best sealant we have found so far!
March 2016 - 83-7502 - Coil & Tool Tray for Oilframe Twins
February 2016 - Just in, more high power Norton MK3 starters, and UK made copper head gaskets and genuine air and oil filters for British bikes
January 2016 - Just in, another batch of hi-powered T160 Starter Motors - #391-26518/A
January 2016 - 256-4222 - BSA Belt Buckle
January 2016 - HUGE sea shipment of spares just received, including stock Triumph parts, made to original blueprints; Hagon Shocks, made in UK to upgraded Girling specs; and Genuine Amal parts, Carbs, and Twist Grips