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Thank you for placing the ad on your site, I probably would never have sold [my bike] without your service.

Without your classifieds I would have had to let it go very cheap in order to sell it.

- David, Newburgh, ON

New Arrivals & Just Catalogued Items

Hagon Twin and Mono Shocks now available for all makes, models and years. Special ordered for your needs and to your specifications.

July 2019 - New Shipment of made in the USA Neway valve tools: Valveseat cutter kit (221-26) and Valve refacer kit (221-27).
July 2019 - Just in, a new batch of our 06-0673/C K&N oval filters, custom made to our design to suit all twin carb Norton twins from Commando 850 Mk3 back to Featherbed and Matchless framed machines. High flow, lifetime durability, easy installation.
July 2019 - 70-8892/A PROTECTOR, CRANKCASE, UNIT 6/750CC, ULTRA-HIGH-MOLECULAR-WEIGHT POLYETHYLENE MATERIAL, MADE IN THE USA. Should also work on 350/500 unit Triumphs to replace 70-7571
June 2019 - Large new shipment of high quality Italian fuel taps has just arrived in Maine. We've never seen one of these fail yet!
June 2019 - Just in, a new production batch of the famous Dyno Dave clutch pushrod seal nuts for Nortons. Stop gumming up the clutch – install this simple fix.
June 2019 - New item: 97-3747 FORKTUBE (sold each) - Bantam, UK made, to suit 1969on BSA D14/4 and B175 with heavyweight forks.
June 2019 - New product - Tri-Spark oil-filled performance coils in 4, 6, and 12Volt. They look and fit like stock round Lucas coils, but work like lightning!
June 2019 - Another batch of the famous EASYCAP condensers just in! Five different numbers do all types of Lucas and BTH magnetos. These solid state modern capacitors are easy to fit to the points plate and are light years ahead of leaky old original Lucas and BTH armature enclosed type.
June 2019 - Just in - TRIUMPH PATENT PLATES
June 2019 - JUST IN - A new batch of Kim The CD Man’s fantastic libraries on disk of virtually all available factory parts books, workshop manuals, dealer bulletins and other literature for Triumph, BSA, and Norton, AJS/Matchless, each on a separate disk.
May 2019 - Another large shipment of all types of AMAL carbs, parts, repair kits. We have one of the largest selections of genuine AMAL parts anywhere, including main jets in every size from 90 to 600 !!
May 2019 - 82-6069/9624 - FOOTPEGS, FRONT, 1963-70 TRIUMPH 650, REPLACEMENT
May 2019 - 82-9700/9701/ER - BADGES, GASTANK, WITH SCREWS, ECONO
May 2019 - TRIUMPH TR7/T140 ROCKER COVERS, SIX BOLT, US MADE, BILLET ALLOY - 71-3671/A - Includes gaskets and hardware
May 2019 - CHAINGUARD, CHROME, COMMANDO, Both 1971-73 and 1974on versions available, Genuine Norton
May 2019 - 57-4435 - CLUTCH SHOCK ABSORBER ASSEMBLY, UNIT TWIN, LATER STYLE - Improved type will suit all Triumph and BSA three spring clutches
May 2019 - 99-3733/A - BEARING SET, TAPER CONVERSION, STEERING HEAD - Drop-in conversion, no modifications needed
May 2019 - Classic rear chain! We import and distribute original equipment RENOLD chain, but if working on a budget, this is a good quality import chain with narrow sideplates to eliminate the clearance problems on British bikes commonly found with most non-original equipment rear chains.
May 2019 - 523-71/ER UNIVERSAL THROTTLE CONTROL, SINGLE PULL, ECONOMY For 7/8” handlebars; all metal; comes with threaded cable stop.
May 2019 - New batch of genuine fuel tank caps, oil tank caps, dipsticks, all types, made in Wolverhampton, England by Ceandess, the original supplier to Triumph, BSA, Norton and most others.
April 2019 - Just in - Our spring stocking order of Genuine Norton parts has just arrived at our Canadian warehouse – more parts for Norton, Triumph, BSA and others arriving daily!
April 2019 - Just in - More high quality US made GRANT piston ring sets for all popular models of Triumph, BSA, and Norton (with 3 piece oil rings where originally fitted) at super pricing.

More replacement Classic 530 rear chains, narrow like the original RENOLDS for a perfect fit, at a great price, including 130 link to suit any custom frame or extra large sprocket. Buy a spare master link at the same time!
April 2019 - We just received a large stocking order of high quality British intake and exhaust valves, ensuring we have full coverage for virtually all post war Triumph, BSA and Norton motorcycles through 1987, from Tiger Cub to T160, BSA C10 to A75, and Norton ES2 to Commando!!
April 2019 - Just in - A new batch of replacement small diameter Lucas style 6V and 12v coils with short “tower” as original.
April 2019 - More highest quality Devon Brand stainless steel and triple chromium plated wheel rims, 100% made in England (We also carry the highest quality Buchanan stainless spoke and nipple kits for most British applications).
April 2019 - New batch of genuine fuel tank caps, oil tank caps, dipsticks, all types, made in Wolverhampton, England by Ceandess, the original supplier to Triumph, BSA, Norton and most others.
April 2019 - Just in - More heavy duty high power T160 starter motors with gear - 391-26518/A
April 2019 - Just in - more 545-01 - SIDESTAND, UNIVERSAL, BOLTON
April 2019 - Just in, new batch of PODTRONIC Power Control Units for generators and alternators, as well as more US made high quality gaskets.
April 2019 - Just in, new batch of USA made Tri-Metal shell bearings for Triumph 6/750 twins, Tri/BSA triples, Norton 650/750/850 and BSA twins. Best quality, realistic price.
April 2019 - New Product: SCREEN, BRASS, FUELTAP, SOLDER ON 623-106 - Repair your original British made fuel tap with one of these!
April 2019 - New Product: BRACKET, MUFFLER, COMMANDO, STEPPED 06-1721/A - Commando kickstart hitting the RH muffler?? Get this stepped zinc-plated bracket which gives 3/8" (10mm) extra muffler to kickstart crank clearance.
April 2019 - 623-102/C - Just in: a new batch of US made plated brass oring type plungers with integral knobs, drop in installation for virtually all Ewarts type round plunger push/pull fuel taps. Ditch the old cork system!!
April 2019 - Just in from England: Huge shipment of Genuine Renold chains in all sizes! Rear, primary drive, dynamo, camshaft, and ignition, whatever you want (except for T160 primary chains).

We also have a huge selection of British made, USA made, and import sprockets of all types and tooth counts on hand: Engine, gearbox, clutch, and rear wheel sprockets and combined sprocket/brake drums.
March 2019 - New shipment! 06-4791/B - STARTER MOTOR, NORTON MK3, HI-POWER 4 BRUSH
March 2019 - BRACKET, OILFILTER TO FEATHERBED NORTON 06-3139/A - Drilled to allow mounting of Norton Commando oil filter housing (#06-3139) and use of Norton oil filter (#06-3371).
March 2019 - Just in, another batch of the famous Tony Hayward heavy duty clutch shock absorber rubbers for Triumph and BSA twins and triples!! Upgrade to Polyurethane cush rubbers when doing your next primary overhaul!
March 2019 - CLUTCH HUB, FOUR SPRING 42-3170 - As fitted to the last BSA A10 models, this will allow you to convert preunit BSA swingarm models fitted with a 6 spring clutch to the much stronger 4 spring, Triumph type clutch, or even the 3 spring setup as used right to the end of the last classic Bonneville 750!
March 2019 - Triumph T140 and TR7 Fuel tank top badges. Fits into rubber grommet 97-5061 (formerly 83-4763), also in stock, to cover centre bolt hole. Gold on silver (83-4776) and gold on black (83-4776/B).
March 2019 - Just in - THREE PHASE ALTERNATOR KIT will give you at least 180 Watt, with tons of power coming in at low RPM, compared to the stock setup which gave a max of 120 Watt at full speed, a full 50% more output !!
Feb 2019 - Just into our Loring warehouse, genuine current Lucas 54419827 points, 6CA type, these have not been made for years!
Feb 2019 - Just in, 711-Z601/C/ER - Lovely seamless reproduction of the classic 1-3/8 inch Commando Peashooter muffler.
Feb 2019 - JUST IN, more US made Triumph unit 6/750 twin engine stands, great for working on, storing, or displaying that nice shiny Triumph engine! Solid and well built. (Britcycle #221-10/A)
Feb 2019 - Just arrived, new batch of speedo and tach cables, plus Teflon lined throttle and clutch cables, all UK made.
Jan 2019 - 222-616050 - Drift, for swingarm bush 82-6042
Jan 2019 - 391-36403 - AMMETER, SMALL, LUCAS 12AMP, BLACK
Jan 2019 - Back in stock, more 222-296 and 222-296/A cambushing line reamer kits for Triumph twins.
Jan 2019 - More US made super quality ringsets just arrived at our Loring warehouse. We have a wide variety of piston rings on hand for most Triumph, BSA and Norton models, in standard and oversize. Don’t reuse old rings, re-ring when you have the engine apart!!
Jan 2019 - Back in stock, big shipment of current manufacture Genuine Lucas jewel type warning lights in all colours for headlight shells, Lucas MADE IN ENGLAND ammeters, and more, at great pricing!!
Jan 2019 - Britcycle 221-30 thread pitch gauge is the ideal way to figure out what hardware you have, helps make sure you get the correct part. Especially helpful on motorcycles with parts from multiple years.
We still have a few calendars left. Act fast to avoid disappointment!
2019 Classic Triumph Calendar - A twelve month supply of Bonnies, Trophys and T-birds.
2019 Norton Owners Club Classic Calendar - High print quality, with thirteen A4 sized photographs.

Jan 2019 - 541-201 - Genuine Norton Commando MKIII Isolastic Conversion Kit - Complete drop-in installation kit to upgrade early Commandos to the adjustable MKIII type
Jan 2019 - New Product - HORN/KILL BUTTON, UNIVERSAL, MAGURA COPY - 341-03 - This is a heavy duty single wire momentary contact switch that grounds to the handlebars, not so great with rubber mount bars - can be used as horn button, kill switch for magneto or ET systems, or a starter button. It is waterproof, with a rubber cover, which has to be pulled off to attach the wire.