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Econo 7" Headlight Shells


In addition to our full line of British made headlight shells for British bikes, we also carry most of the fast moving shells in economy priced replacement manufacture for those on a budget. Nicely made and with excellent chrome, these come complete with rim, clip and screw, and "W" clips, as well as a terminal plug to enable easy installation of a Quartz Halogen light unit if desired.

323-700/A/ER - shell, blank, 3 bot. holes, 7", w/ rim, econo  
323-700/C/ER - shell, 2 warn lt, toggle sw & amm, 7" w/ rim, econo
323-700/D/ER - shell, w/ amm. hole, 7" hdlt. w/rim, econo
323-700/E/ER - shell, 3 warn lt & 1 sw & 1 bot. hole, 7" w/ rim, econo 
323-700/L/BLK/ER - shell, black, blank, 1 bot. hole, 7", w/ rim, econo
323-700/L/ER - shell, blank, 1 bot. hole, 7", w/ rim, econo  

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