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1970 Norton 750 Commando

I am finally parting with my 1970 Norton. I have owned the bike since 1974. It is a pure stock 750 with matching numbers.

It was professionally repainted with factory original metal flake from England and the finish is gorgeous. It has a sweet John Player fiberglass front fender and the stock original metal fender. The exhaust is NOS and perfect, and the old style (curved shape) rare chainguard was rechromed. This bike has the rare ring-type headlight mount only found on 1969-70.5 bikes.

The seat is slightly newer than the 1970 model, I believe it is 1973 and is a much nicer profile than the original "pancake" seat.

The whole engine was gone through less than 10,000 miles ago, and runs great. I drained the fuel for repainting and have kept the bike in my house since, so I have not run it.

This is a very original very clean bike. It is NOT a frame off resto of some project bike found in a barn- it is my personal bike for 38 years! (PS: air cleaner, original style tank decals, original fuel lines, etc. are now on the bike).
Tires and battery are not new.