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1970 Triumph TR-6 650cc

This bike runs great and I just bought a new engine head so it runs even stronger than before.

It has a Joe Hunt mag, kick start only, amen plunger style bolt on rear end, vintage brass tail light, chicago motorcycle kick pedal, Electroline headlight, custom made seat, paint needs work on tank, it was painted by Harpoon but alot of it came off when I had to bondo the tank cause the handle bars were banging into it and so I narrowed them and had them welded. .

I put a 23" Cheng Shin front wheel on it, Avon MK-II on rear, custom pipes- from Factory Metal Works, Deus Grips, Amal single carb, Wassel tank, Biltwell keystones (modified) CRG Mirror, Garage Leathers, bike has no problem getting up to 65mph,

fab kevin tail light bracket, pike nuts on front axle, front and rear drum brakes, rear fender is a Model T Ford spare tire holder with a finger loop, springs under seat are valve springs, Biltwell seat hinge & stash tube, finned primary cover and finned passenger peg covers, springs disabled - handles better as a rigid, front and rear drum brakes work well, Well serviced through the years.


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