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Triumph Collection

No Longer For Sale 09/17/2022 - Reposted Individually


All have recent (miles-wise) top-end rebuilds and run like new, usually start on 1 kick hot or cold. Each an exceptional bike. T100C and T150V are both all original with all papers, records, including original sales receipts……unheard of provenance & condition. T120V looks new. Each has original Owner’s Manual, Parts Catalog & Workshop Manual. All have fresh oil & filter changes. Rare & unlikely collection.

1971 Trophy 500 T100C, exactly same as 1969 model, all original, has “patina”, new tires, 8,000 +/- miles.

1972 Bonneville T120V, stunning new “Tiger Gold” paint that many say is what Tiger Gold should have been. Pazon ignition, 33k miles.

1974 Trident T150V, all original, almost museum condition, looks new, original paint is remarkable. 27k miles.

Will send pictures and more details to seriously interested parties.