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1972 Norton Combat Commando

Sold 03/26/2014

New steel Interstate tank, steel side covers, silver (Pewter) urethane. Every component, mechanical, and cosmetic, have been professionally done to produce an exceptionally sound Commando.

All chrome replaced or replated. 520 O-ring chain conversion. Delron side stand and center stand bushings. Buchanan stainless spokes and nipples. Gearbox re-built. (frame, eng., gearbox #s' match. However, It must be said that the "3" on the gearbox is not like the three on my other Nortons. It is the way I received the bike.

The top end was removed to install stainless barrel nuts. Inspection of the internals revealed new pistons, fresh crosshatch, cam looks new, cam followers excellent, and cleanliness of internals suggest a recent re-build has been done.

When I purchased the bike from Rocket Motors in San Diego Ca. the engine was represented as professionally re-built. Inspection of timing side internals reveal apparent new chain and slipper, oil pump is precise so as not to allow wet sumping.

I have ridden this bike approx. 150 miles since finished. It is like new. Only better. Too many new and custom items to list one at a time.