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Handlebar Switch, Universal Multipurpose

Part Number 341-06/A

This versatile switch has a push button that can be used for either magneto kill or horn, and a three position toggle that can be used either for turn signals or headlight off-low-high. For 7/8" inch bars.

Customer Review:

Hi Mark, I received the multi-function handlebar switch. Seems nicely constructed, and almost a twin to the old original high-beam switch already on the bike.

Once I took the time to refer to the wiring diagram (rather than make my own assessment), the switch works very well, and looks to be nice high-quality brass contacts inside. At first I thought the "sideways" configuration of the turn switch would be awkward, but after pondering placement for awhile, and installing in on the left handlebar, I find it falls "readily to hand" and is pretty intuitive.

The horn button and kill switch work great as well (and YES, just wiring the kill switch directly to the distributor side of the coil does the trick!)

 - Phil A.

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