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555 Series - Tyres

We stock classic tyres so customers can have the original look on their bike. Some tyres are readily available, others have gone out of production.
The available tyres are shown below; sizes that are no longer available (NLA) are so noted. If they are produced again we will change the notes.

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Part Number       Description
555-325X19/AM26   3.25X19   Avon Roadrider front
555-400X18/AM26   4.00X18   Avon Roadrider rear
555-410X19/AM26   100/90X19 Avon Roadrider
555-475X18/AM26   120/90X18 Avon Roadrider rear
555-500X18/AM26   130/80X18 Avon Roadrider rear, NLA

Part Number       Description
555-300X18/C180   3.00x18 Cheng Shin tyre, K70 copy NLA
555-350X18/C180   3.50x18 Cheng Shin tyre, K70 copy
555-350X19/C180   3.50x19 Cheng Shin tyre, K70 copy
555-400X18/C180   4.00x18 Cheng Shin tyre, K70 copy NLA

Part Number       Description
555-350X18/C223   3.50x18 Cheng Shin tyre, ribbed, NLA

Part Number       Description
555-300X18/K70    3.00x18 Dunlop K70 tyre NLA
555-325X18/K70    3.25x18 Dunlop K70 tyre NLA
555-325X19/K70    3.25x19 Dunlop K70 tyre
555-350X18/K70    3.50x18 Dunlop K70 tyre NLA
555-350X19/K70    3.50x19 Dunlop K70 tyre
555-400X18/K70    4.00x18 Dunlop K70 tyre

Part Number       Description
555-360X18/K81    3.60x18 Dunlop K81/TT100 NLA
555-360X19/K81    3.60x19 Dunlop K81/TT100
555-410X18/K81    4.10x18 Dunlop K81/TT100
555-410X19/K81    4.10x19 Dunlop K81/TT100
555-425X18/K81    4.25x18 Dunlop K81/TT100

Part Number       Description
555-350X18/K82    3.50x18 Dunlop K82/TT100

Part Number       Description
555-360X18/RR     90/90H18  Avon Roadrunner NLA
555-360X19/RR     90/90H19  Avon Roadrunner NLA
555-410X18/RR     100/90H18 Avon Roadrunner NLA
555-410X19/RR     100/90H19 Avon Roadrunner
555-425X18/RR     110/90H18 Avon Roadrunner NLA
555-470X18/RR     120/90H18 Avon Roadrunner NLA
555-510X16/RR     130/90H(MT90) Avon Roadrunner NLA

Part Number       Description
555-350X19/SC     3.50x19 Avon Sidecar, NLA

Part Number       Description
555-325X17/SM     3.25x17 Avon SafetyMileage
555-325X19/SM     3.25x19 Avon SafetyMileage NLA
555-350X18/SM     3.50x18 Avon SafetyMileage NLA
555-350X19/SM     3.50x19 Avon SafetyMileage
555-400X18/SM     4.00x18 Avon SafetyMileage
555-400X19/SM     4.00x19 Avon SafetyMileage
555-500X16/SM     5.00x16 Avon SafetyMileage

Part Number       Description
555-300X19/SPEED  3.00x19 Avon Speedmaster NLA
555-300X20/SPEED  3.00x20 Avon Speedmaster
555-300X21/SPEED  3.00x21 Avon Speedmaster
555-325X17/SPEED  3.25x17 Avon Speedmaster
555-325X18/SPEED  3.25x18 Avon Speedmaster NLA
555-325X19/SPEED  3.25x19 Avon Speedmaster
555-350X19/SPEED  3.50x19 Avon Speedmaster

556 Series - Inner Tubes

Part Number       Description
556-250/275X19    tube, 2.50/2.75x19"
556-275/300X19    tube, 2.75/3.00x19"
556-275/300X21    tube, 2.75/3.00x21"
556-275/300X21/A  tube, 2.75/3.00x21" DUNLOP
556-275/350X20    tube, 90/100X20"
556-300/350X19    tube, 3.00/3.25/3.50x19" DUNLOP
556-300X18        tube, 3.00x18" DUNLOP
556-325/350X18    tube, 3.25/3.50x18"
556-325/350X19    tube, 3.25/3.50x19"
556-325/410X18    tube, 3.25/4.10x18" DUNLOP/MICHELIN
556-325/410X19    tube, 3.25/4.10x19" DUNLOP/MICHELIN
556-350/400X18    tube, 3.50/4.00x18"
556-350/400X19    tube, 3.50/4.00x19"
556-400/425X18    tube, 4.00/4.50x18"
556-400/510X18    tube, 4.00/5.10x18" DUNLOP/MICHELIN
556-450/475X18    tube, 4.50/4.75x18"
556-500/510X16    tube, 500/510x16" HD type

557 Series - Rim Bands and Locks

Part Number   Description
557-2         Rim Band, WM2
557-3         Rim Band, WM3
557-16        Rim Band, 16" HD type
557-21        Rim Tape, 21"
557-WM1       Rim Lock, WM1 security bolt, Dunlop
557-WM2       Rim Lock, WM2 security bolt, Replacement
557-WM3       Rim Lock, WM3 security bolt, Dunlop
557-WM3/ER    Rim Lock, WM3 security bolt, Replacement