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332-12/A High Output Dual Lead Coil

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Best for Lucas Rita and Boyer electronic ignitions!

Boyer Electronic Ignitions
product profile and information on the use of dual lead coils with the kits.

US made Packard 440 metal core plug wires in stock to suit all applications!

Dual Lead Coil Dimensional Drawing (pdf)

These high output US made coils are black, epoxy coated, but with bare metal laminated two bolt mounting. They are smaller than our previous Andrews coils, have much better pricing and are stronger. In addition, resistance is being custom made EXACTLY to what is specified by Boyer and Rita for optimum performance, not "close enough" as most Harley coils or stock type 6 volt coils are. (Special nuts, not pictured, are included.)

We will be adding an identical size, shaped and mounting position coil with single output lead for Tridents, to allow running one dual lead and one single lead, as well as a different resistance version of the dual lead coil for use two at a time in four plug twins, at a later date.

Instructions For Ignition Coil 332-12/A

See the "simplified wiring diagram" in our catalogue or on our website for using this coil with Boyer Electronic Ignition Kits. This coil is also suitable for Lucas RITA Ignitions, (but not for Boyer Micro Power kits that come with mini coil.) Do NOT use dual lead coils with points ignition on British bikes, only with pointless ignitions.

These dual lead coils have no polarity at all, hence the lack of negative or positive markings. It is also not necessary to ground the laminations, they are only exposed on our coils for heat dissipation - most coils of this type have them covered in epoxy. Incidentally, we highly recommend mounting these coils on an aluminium bracket for better heat dissipation, and placing them where they can get some airflow to prevent overheating.

These coils can easily be tested by checking with an ohmmeter between the two threaded primary terminals for resistance in case of any doubt. The most common coil failure is an open circuit primary due to coil overheating. We unconditionally warrant these coils against failure for 90 days from date of sale. If a problem is encountered after than date, please contact us with date stamped on coil and we will examine what adjustment can be made on the price of a replacement.

If you have any questions, we are only a phone call away.

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