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Rear Wheel Assemblies
We have limited quantities on hand of some New Old Stock Triumph and BSA rear wheel assemblies. These are laced and trued, by long dead or retired factory personnel, and have been in storage for over a quarter century. The rims are genuine Jones or Dunlop. Not cheap, but the real thing!

37-2290 Wheel Assembly, WM3 x 18, BSA QD Rear

 37-4182 Wheel Assembly, WM3 x 18, Conical Rear

Limited quantities available:

37-2290 wheel assy, WM3 x 18, QD
37-3428 wheel assy, WM3 x 19, rear - Pre-1971 T150/A75
37-3610 wheel assy, WM3 x 18, rear - Pre Oil-In-Frame Triumph
37-4182 wheel assy, WM3 x 18, conical rear

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