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Lucas Rita Electronic Ignition Kits

RITA kits not currently in production - ask about our ignitions from Boyer, Pazon, and TriSpark

Replace your points, points plate, condensers and auto advance unit with a Lucas Rita Electronic Ignition Kit! Custom built, simple to fit, Lucas Rita transforms your bike! Increased acceleration, improved fuel consumption, easier starting, and smoother running at idling speeds are the result of Rita's long racing pedigree. Rita is the tops in reliability! Each kits comes complete with instructions. Warrantied!


333-100 Rita Ignition Kit, 71 on Norton Commando
333-100/A Rita Ignition Kit, pre 71 Norton Commando
333-101 Rita Ignition Kit, 71 Oil Frame Triumph Twin
333-102 Rita Ignition Kit, T160V ES Triumph Triple
333-113 Rita Ignition Kit, Triumph Triple
333-119 Rita Ignition Kit, BSA A50 & A65
333-120 Rita Ignition Kit, BSA Rocket Three
333-121 Rita Ignition Kit, 1963 on Triumph Pre Oil Frame Twin
333-135 Rita Ignition Kit, Triumph/BSA Unit Single

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Click here for general information regarding Rita Electronic Ignition Kits. (pdf)