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Earl Moorhead's BSA Restoration
BSA Lightning. 2nd Restoration

What do you do when your Amals explode? You panic. You dial 911. Then you sit down and swear. You swear quite a bit actually. Then you contemplate the damage. The paint, tyres, instruments, wiring, lights, seat, switchgear are all destroyed. And the offending carburettors are nothing more than two pools of white metal on the ground.

There appears to be nothing left to salvage and you calculate the cost of disposal. Then you remember an ancient article by Cycle’s Phil Schilling, whose favourite bike suffered the same fate. Schilling chose to rebuild. Hmm. (Cycle July 1972) So the unlikely option of restoration is begun. Another frame was found locally, and an inventory of parts needed made up. The engine is dismantled and found undamaged: a scheduled top end job is all that’s needed. New paintwork gives shape to the project and provides the motivation to face the invoices that begin to arrive. But in 6 weeks it will be on the road - with Mikunis this time.

Parts courtesy British Cycle Supply 
Paint courtesy Limestone Autobody, Kingston, ON
Cylinder head work by Tony’s Cycle, (the best!) Kingston, ON

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