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(Nice things people have said about us that make it all worthwhile...)

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"I want to thank Mark for his fine service... It's rare to see a company dedicated to customer service these days... live long and prosper..." - Dave, Tucson, Arizona

"Price list was received by e-mail and viewed with no problems. Many thanks for all your help with my order. You guys are the greatest as usual!" - Dave, Halifax, Nova Scotia

"I like working with you guys, you have a lot of stuff, nice catalogue." - Stephane, Quebec

"I happily received your catalogue yesterday and I must say, it looks great! Very inclusive and well done. I especially appreciate the section on dating one's motorbike. Thanks again and best wishes." - Jim, e-mail

"Just got all my parts today. Except for the throttle cables which they told me would arrive later. Thanks for such a speedy delivery. Never dealt with anyone so quick. Will be doing a lot more business. Thanks a lot!" - Ray

"I wanted to thank you again for the hospitality. I enjoyed the tour; it's nice to know who you're talking to on the phone." - Dave, April 2001

"I have bought some parts from you in the past and am pleased with your service. I bought the Triumph Chopper Guide and have found it to be quite helpful." - Andrew, April, 2001

"Got it Saturday. Well done. Think I'll do more business with you. It's a good thing to see good service in this day and age." - Cordel, April 2001

"Thanks in Advance. Always a pleasure to deal with you guys." - John, April 2001

"Thanks for the catalogue and rapid shipment of the order. Called you
at 4:00 pm Tuesday and package was here Wednesday! Thanks again." - Al, NY, Sept 2001

Thanks for your help, I have gained two Tiger Cubs and had plenty of phone calls on other Triumphs because of your web site. The shop book Gary discussed with me helped out a lot. British Cycle Supply is a Godsend to vintage bikers. Once again thanks. - Bryan, NS, Sept., 2001

I just wanted to write and thank you for all the help you have been in restoring my 1957 BSA Super Rocket. You guys definitely have the market cornered on friendly and helpful service. Just yesterday I called in with quite a few perplexing questions and your staff spent a considerable amount of time helping me to find the parts I needed. But this isn't the only time
they have done this. Each and every time I call I am given this same top notch service. British Cycle is and remains to be my first choice supplier for parts. I just wanted to let you know that you guys are top notch and truly have the market cornered. Looking forward to more business with you in the future. - Ryan, Sept., 2001

Called in the order Wednesday, parts are at the door Friday morning; I think that's a new record. Thanks, Mark, Sept., 2001

Delighted with last order and very speedy delivery. Thank you.  Gordon, February, 2002

Thanks for your phone call re the clutch plates and brake shoes. I appreciate your involvement and service. Wilf, February, 2002

Mark, I was online and thought I'd stop by. I read some of the things people said about you guys, and I agree. Your knowledge of Brit bikes is astounding and your patience is rivalled only by Ghandi. When I call with no motor numbers and half an idea of what I'm looking for, you always come through.

You and the staff help keep us on top of the heap here in Philly. Our shop runs a little smoother because of your shop.

Thanks, Bill J.
S & A Cycle, Philadelphia, PA., May, 2002

Thanks for the reply! I was very happy with the customer service I recieved just to order a catalogue! I am looking forward to working with you folks in order to get my T-Bolt back on the road where she belongs.

Dimas A, Castillo, Jr,
September 2002

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