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July 21st 2010 Update

Orginal e-mail and photo below!


You currently have a photo of my bike from 30 Aug 09 on your web site. It was a photo taken about ten years ago. I have attached a newer bike to
reflect the changes made, small as they may be. I have had the bike 31 years and am finally close to getting it to look like I want !

It is a 1979 T140D. It has Norton gaiters and 65-68 Togas pipes and mufflers with glass-paks. Since the other photo, I have removed all turn
signals, and installed a 1966-67 tail lmap which is much less boxy than the T140 style. I have also had a modified grab rail like a 66-67 installed.
Much plainer, simpler and smoother looking. The bike now sports a Brit Cycle "Thruxton" style seat which is 100 times better than any Corbin.
The Corbin is too big and bulky looking. Yours fits the bike much better in a styling sense.

Love my 1979 Bonnie. You could place this one alongside the first one I sent!

Take care. Love your parts and service. Always pleased with your product and the quality.



Orignal August 30th 2009 E-mail

Please give this to Gary and Wayne in the parts ordering department. They have both helped me with ordering needed items over time for my bike and I greatly appreciate their help.

Gary & Wayne,

Attached is a photo of my bike from 1995. Nothing has changed. Unchanged mostly in looks. However, it does now sport the Brit Cycle "Thruxton" style solo seat which I love. Ten times better than the Corbin seat (gel?) which I found was very uncomfortable and too wide and overpowering looking.  

I also deleted the tail lamp and installed a 1966-67 T120 tail lamp housing. Much neater, smaller and prettier than the boxy huge T140 late taillight.

I also added the K&N breather filter above the chaincase. Feel free to post this with customer bikes, etc. I have removed turn signals and am having the triangular gusset removed from the stock grab rail (and then re-chromed) for the 1960's look. I also am experimenting with a modified T140V grab rail cut down and shortened to a single U shape. I will get you newer pictures in the future. But you can see the concept of what I have tried to do with its appearance.

Thanks, Jim