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Lightning Clubman Replica

I have built a Lightning Clubman Replica. British Cycle Supply has been the source of a number of major and minor bits. Wanted to include a picture for you. I started with a very rough 1965 Lightning Rocket. Since the forks, frame, wheels, etc are the correct running gear for a Lightning Clubman, used that as the basis. The original plan was to make it resemble a Lightning Clubman, somewhere, it got out of hand and became a very detailed replica. Started in August of 2004 and completed it in July of 2006. Has a Dunlop alloy rim in the front, Morad on the rear, late half width front brake for the extra braking area. Rear sets are duplicates of the Small Heath rear sets using sketches allegedly from a real one and some poor pictures. Engine is a 1965 spec. A65D motor, used 9-1 compression to run on today's fuel. Has a close ratio box in 1st & 2nd with std 3rd. Works super! Overall gearing is for the Isle of Man, which makes starts a treat. Wiring harness was made by myself, has modern charge control and electronic ignition. Tank was restored by Ross Thompson. The paint, which was color matched to a NOS BSA tank was applied by Wes Adkins from East Canton Ohio. The color is getting a tremendous amount of comment. I was hesitant to paint it gold, but after seeing the final result, it is stunning. The exhaust system was a major component supplied by BCS. You had Lightning Clubman exhaust on your site, I immediately bought the full set. Fit was excellent and it sounds awesome. Bike is a blast to ride. Down side, it will probably get me into trouble, as it likes to run somewhat faster than legal! Thanks for your help on this project and look forward to using you in my future projects.

Rich Bucher
Stone Creek Ohio

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