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Bill's 1977 Silver Jubilee

Good afternoon! As her original owner, I'm forwarding a photograph of my 1977 Silver Jubilee as it appeared after winning First Place in its class and then First Place in the entire show at a large British motorcycle event in Virginia.

It was the only entry to win two first places at the show. The motorcycle is authenticated with its Triumph owner's certificate as #230 of the 1,000 produced for export. Not just a "show" motorcycle, she's driven with about 6,800+ miles presently on her.

Perhaps you might consider it as your "featured motorcycle" it at some point on your corporate website. I'm pleased too to say that I have long appreciated and USED your parts services. . . they're excellent!

I've really tried to be careful riding and caring for her over all of these years and its been fun to both show and RIDE her. A number of her "competitors" at the show were "bone-dry", "just for show" entries which I think is sorta sad in that their owners didn't actually enjoy them for what they were built.

She won First Place in her class and then a few minutes later won First Place as the Most Popular Show Entry (as based by attendee ballots submitted to the judges).

Thank you again for your consideration and for the value your company has represented to me with both the Jubilee and her "sister", my (original owner/condition, NOT restored) 1970 Triumph TR6R shown below with 38,500 miles on her.

Best regards,