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1970 Triumph T100C Trophy

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I thought some of you might be interested in my latest restoration project that is once again ready to take to the streets. It is a 1970 Triumph T100 C Trophy that I picked up about 4 years back now. It has been a ground up 'rolling restoration' for the past 2 years and still awaits the final stage of requiring a 'Cylinder Head job' to replace worn valve guides to eliminate some slightly excessive smoking (A bit like me eh!).

Apart from the exhaust system and the handlebar layout it is never-the-less a pretty faithful representation of the machine when it was originally imported into the US back in 1969. Very restricted budget has been the root cause of why so much time it is taking, but all work completed thus far is to the highest standard achievable and almost most of the parts are all refurbished or fully restored original ones that had to be hunted down.

Many of you are already aware of this project and some of you have even contributed heavily towards finding them or taking on some of the parts restoration work. I thank all of you who helped out but will make special thanks to my grandson Joe Taminski without whom I would never have the machine in this kind of shape to date. His time and work out in the workshop were invaluable and he simultaneously face-lifted his own classic 1971 BSA Thunderbolt which I will post photos of a bit later this week. Thanks a million Joe, you are, - - "The Man!".

This machine appears to have a racing heritage at some time in it's life, a decal remained showing it was to racing spec and it had Trial tires and big TT Exhaust pipes fitted that I fell in love with. After weeks of careful experimentation and several installation attempts, I was able to come up with a system that retained them yet still kept the bike in street worthy state while not sacrificing ground clearance problems on corners. I think the end result is something completely different from the 'stock' high level originals and that bike has taken on a bit of a "Street Bandit" look.

The close ratio gearbox puts a cap of about 90 mph top speed but the bike has road-burning acceleration out of the starting gate. All in all, it's a great little powerhouse to ride, light, nimble and sure-footed. I love it!
Hope most of you enjoy taking a quick look at the photos as much as Joe and I enjoy working on this project.

Roger G.