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Part #83-1798 
Late 60's Triumph Bonnie Gas Tank

Part number 83-1798 raw steel fuel tank is as supplied on the late 1960s Bonnies, but will fit all unit construction pre1971 Triumph 650 models. The Taiwan manufacturers are using thicker gauge steel than original for strength and to meet DOT regulations for fuel tanks. These tanks are a virtually exact replica for the impossible to find tank that is missing from so many bikes. These will take the standard badges, kneegrips, fuel taps and caps, all stocked by BCS and available through any BCS dealer, or the badge holes can be filled in and painted over or decals can be fitted. If you are restoring or are building a bobber don't miss out! Order today.

Superseded numbers: 82-6728, 82-9207

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The tank under this part # was originally painted; originally for 1970 T120R.

2) Uses the
stock Triumph gas cap 622-04 or alternate.

3) Note: Original tank used early beading strip 83-5564 (that has integral stud) with nut 97-0919 and washer 82-4019; or later strip 83-0031 with hook 83-0008 and nut 97-0919 and washer 82-4019.
These do not fit this tank- too short! We are researching this issue and will post results here.

4) Can use late
kneepads 82-8192/8193 (1968 onward) or early 82-5401/5402 (pre 1968).

82-9700/9701 badge set with two each screws 82-7888 and 83-1339; but early 82-6887/6888 (1965-1968) badge set with two each 82-4129 and 82-7888 screws will align, but the curvature is not correct - this may be a problem with the current batch of badges and not the tank.

6) Uses
gas taps 621-131 and 621-132 with sealing washers 70-7351 and 83-0002.

7) Uses
tank mount hardware and rubber kit 414-000091 back to 1967; pre 1967 uses the same kit plus rear frame bolt 82-5337. 

8) It is highly recommended that all fuel tanks be fitted, pressure tested, and sealed before painting.
We recommend 235-02 Gas Tank Sealer: Two part epoxy, no solvents, so ground shippable mail and UPS. Customers clean tank using thinner and screws, not included. Guaranteed with alcohol and fibreglass. 

WARNING: When installing these fuel tanks ALL frame, motor, carburetor, cable and bracket clearances must be checked with the fuel tank full to insure there are sufficient clearances when the motor is cold and hot. All hardware must be properly installed and tightened accordingly. Please pressure test gas tanks prior to painting.
All parts must be fitted prior to painting the tank to be sure that no problems are encountered later. 

Please note, although we only sell parts from reliable manufacturers, warranties are limited only to replacement of defective parts, and no labour of any type, including paint jobs or return shipping, is ever covered.

Further Notes February 2009: These have been made as close to the original as possible, and the tank badge fitment issue mentioned was a slight gap with some of the reproduction badges necessitating some fine "fitting" to eliminate any gap where they meet. I think it is as much an issue with the badges as with the tanks, and suspect original badges may fit a hair better. Due to a thicker gauge steel used in manufacture of these tanks to  ensure they meet current specs, making them more bulletproof than the originals, the beading is a tighter fit, so should be trial fitted before painting and may sit a hair higher. The only other issue noted was that the tanks sit a hair higher in the front. While this is not a problem with rubber mounted bars, it might mean that tank mounting rubbers on a bike with solid handlebar mounts on the top crown should be shortened to prevent any possible interference between tank top and bars. While I guess for a 100 Point concours resto an original tank should be used, I have a hard time telling the difference, and think these would pass any but the most expert judge's glance. 

By the way, we do have genuine factory caps, current made chrome strips, and hope to have a few dozen pairs of original factory badges and another few hundred UK made taps here the end of the month, if you can use any other bits. All mounting components are in stock, too.

Unless someone else tools up for new tank, these are the only ones made for these bikes since 1970, to my knowledge, and I would have no qualms about using them on my own road bikes,  though I would always pressure test any tank before painting as a matter of course.

We have sold twenty-two so far from this batch and only had compliments. 

Coincidentally enough, I just got word from our tank supplier that badges and screws that fit the tank well are on way to us and should be in soon. Tank strips that fit well without any "fitting" required are also on order.

Mark Appleton, Owner/Partsman, BCS - February, 2009